Mel K Ultra & Ann Vandersteel: We Will Not Have A Country Left! – Must Video

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How do we save this great country? I hear too many saying they won’t vote because it does not matter. The very least you can do is vote. If you don’t vote you should not complain. Not voting does not help at all. Vote and at least you can say you did what you could.

I’ve been saying for decades, we need some good ole men and women with a God given moral compass to run this country.

You’ve got to laugh at people who get hateful when those that have tried to keep us aware and in the fight don’t get it 100%. Ann never said she was their savior. She done more for the cause than any hater. If they thought it was anything else then it’s on them for being foolish and not stable enough to understand. If they don’t like it then they shouldn’t watch. Show me one influencer that has it completely right. We listen because we need camaraderie and info with those on the same page and of like mind.

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