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Marines Expose Pharma! Kash Patel On Fire! Moms Have Had Enough! Gun Grab Is Failing? Pray! – And We Know 

We all knew this day was coming, way back in the 80s or earlier, really. We knew that the Left would not stop promoting anti-God, anti-religion agendas. We knew their end goal was a godless society with no moral standards. We knew they had control of the media and education system. We told you this was their plan. We warned that complacency or patronizing them would only encourage them. But you did not want to ruffle any feathers. You did not want to be the ‘bad guy.’ You did not want to be contentious. You just wanted to ‘get along.’ You thought what they wanted was just so ridiculous that it would never be acceptable to society. You thought it was just a fad… a phase; and they would eventually come to their senses. You said if we just let them get this out of their system, they’ll come around and be rational and reasonable again. You were wrong. And here we are. How do you like it so far? How far into the gutter are you comfortable to go until you finally say ‘enough’? How many generations are you willing to sacrifice to see if people will eventually ‘come to their senses?’ Life without a moral compass can get much worse than it is today. Are you still OK with that?

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