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Live: New David Wilcock: Something Big Appears to Be Happening… Now! The Shift Is Hitting the Fan

Multiple, astonishing developments have occurred in just 24 hours since our last show. We can now expect massive new developments this week, within as early as 48 hours. Tuesday is the only time in David’s schedule that works for a show… but again, we are seeing a very rapidly shifting tactical environment.

We will discuss recent dreams, telekinetic synchronicities, news developments and various public posts, and “connect the dots” to reveal the stunningly epic picture that emerges. We’ve been waiting a very long time, and the wait may finally be just about over! David just ordered some new background lights we can play with to add even more color to the set. This is not a drill. This is real! David wouldn’t get off of his butt to do another show this fast unless Something Big appears to be happening… now!


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