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Laptop Is Proof: ‘ BIDEN FAMILY TO JAIL’! GOP Launch MASSIVE Joe Biden Investigation for Business Dealing With Son Hunter

BOOM! ‘BIDEN FAMILY TO JAIL’ GOP Launch MASSIVE Joe Biden Investigation For Business Dealing With Son Hunter

CCP Trafficking Children, 459 Crimes on Hunter’s Laptop, Billions to Ukraine

According to Marco polo usa 459 crimes have been documented on the Hunter Biden laptop implicating the entire Biden family. It has been sent to the US house and senate. I wonder if anyone in the Jan 6 committee were mentioned? Probably won’t see anything done until Dems loose control.

The CCP is funding child trafficking along with the Biden administration housing thousands of children crossing the border cashing in at 15 thousand per child. A real money maker. Many of these children are bussed off or flown in the middle of the night to locations unknown. Hmm, nothing suspicious there. 

China’s hypersonic missile program is being funded by US taxpayers and San Francisco has spent over 1.7 million dollars to build a toilet downtown to curb all the feces and urine in the streets due to massive homelessness indicative of a failed society. Before you get in line it is still not finished.

We are spending billions of dollars on Ukraine with no oversight with reports on the front lines saying where is the relief. Money that should be spent on the hurricane victims in Florida, the insanity at the border the homeless and veterans.  The lame stream press is not covering the massive sex and child trafficking many of them rescued by Russian forces, the Azof Nazi battalions which according to international law cannot be funded. Read the full article

WARNING NUDITY 18+ As the Hunter’s Become the Hunted! An Untamed Perverted World (More than 50 Pictures and Video ) WARNING NUDITY 18+

Warning: This video may be sensitive to some viewers.

Hunter in a video with a prostitute tells her he thinks Russians stole his third laptop.

How the heck do you “lose” three laptops?

How do you film yourself having sex with a prostitute and happen to tell her all of these juicy details?

From these Scumbags to Hunter Biden Its all one big Cult Club and your not in it… But Hunter Biden is and that is why he’s protected from Justice unlike you or I who would be instantly arrested and jailed for far lesser of crimes. But it’s OK to be an elite pervert crack head son of a president.

The life and times of Hunter Biden from his computers Hard Drive he left in a computer repair shop for over a year and as per agreement after a certain amount of time it become property of the computer store.

It is said that the PC shop owner searching the hard drives for possible child porn evidence as he does with all abandoned hard drives, found much much more than he couldn’t believe he hit the jackpot of perverts and who this person was even a bigger surprise.


He, the computer shop owner, is not a Russian and has no ties to the Russian. He’s a patriotic American small business owner, just trying to make an honest living and doing his little part to help keep children safe and bring pedophiles to Justice by searching these abandoned hard drives.

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