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Kerry Cassidy With Scott McKay Patriot Streetfighter On Project Camelot, Verifying The Plan! Pt. 2 – Must Video

Project Camelot Interview by Kerry Cassidy with Scott and the realization that spiritual warfare is now the evolving force in the Great Awakening.

Thank you PST, God’s timeline isn’t ours…it will happen when it happens. I think October is going to be HOT! The market has to get to 20,000, thats the magic number per Kim Clement in his prophecy many years ago. God must take everything down in order to bring back THE BUILDER, DONALD J TRUMP, to rebuild everything. Jesus was also a builder, so, its no coincidence that God picked Trump before he was ever born for this task. God Bless You and may God watch over and protect you daily.


The underwater communication tables will be blown up next step will have to initiate starling system in the emergency broadcast that’s my guess

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