Kerry Cassidy: War of Worlds: Putin, Trump and the Globalists (Video)

In her latest interview, Kerry gives an amazing in-depth expose’ about current events and how Putin, Trump, and the globalists all fit into the picture. Her insight about what is happening now will blow your mind!

From her recent article: 

However, on the surface it seems to me and any spiritual person who loves humanity that If Putin is in Ukraine taking down the bioweapons labs then it would make sense that we should be helping him!

With the benefit of the last 2 years of suffering surrounding the release of a bioweapon by the Chinese with help from the Globalists close in mind.  Why wouldn’t we be on guard against this happening again in our future?

It is clear that OUR CURRENT government under the Biden puppet/Obama/Communist Chinese are our enemies… anyone who doesn’t know that by now is deaf dumb and blind and most likely vaxed to oblivion.

It’s like this line from a popular TV series…THIS WHOLE STORY IS TOTALLY TRUE EXCEPT FOR THE PARTS THAT ARE MADE UP… That sounds a bit right. 

So the question then becomes when exactly is Trump who Juan/JFK claims was sworn in by our military in March of 2021 after they researched the election and found that indeed Biden and the election steal was done by none other than the CCP and the Globalists going to act?  A digital takeover of our American government orchestrated by using the Dominion Servers and other more mundane types of voter fraud for which they have ample evidence.

And then you might ask, if our military truly came to this conclusion why have they waited so long to come forward or ACT to take our country back? And that leads to a document that Juan is fond of citing… The DOD LAW OF WAR MANUAL (LINKED BELOW) based on the laws of the Geneva Convention that states roughly that an invaded country has 1 year from the date of the invasion before it can “legally” RESPOND with FORCE to expel the invaders.  

The obvious date for us that has since passed is January 21st, of 2022.  One year from the date Biden was ‘sworn in’ as President.  But on March 7, 2022 (or 15th) our military apparently acted and swore in President TRUMP as COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF.  So if that is the case… the year is now up and our military have not yet acted to remove Biden and his administration.  So what is the hold up? 

The answer is they are waiting for the “people” to wake up and be united in removing Biden so that we don’t dissolve into civil war because we are invaded by the foreign governments (under alien AI control we call the Globalists) and civil war within the US at a time of invasion from outside the country would surely take us down.  At least that is the thinking.


We know Putin is fighting NATO and the globalists.  In fact he has even come out and called them Nazis… a term I often use for the Biden/Obama Globalists here in the U.S.

It would appear that the split within the U.S. is mainly aligned along Republican/Democrat lines but not only there although that is the easy way to delineate it.  A more accurate split would be between those who go along with human slavery and child sacrifice and those that love humanity and so don’t go along with that….has a problem. 

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