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Juan O’Savin, Clif High and Gregg Prescott On The Gesara/Nesara Scam

Surely, this video will rub many the wrong way because they’ve been deceived for such a long time.
To what extent will people defend a lie? I fell for NESARA initially back in the early 2000′s through the NEW AGE Galactic Federation Saint Germain Sananda movement. I realized it was a hoax designed to take advantage of our human trusting nature giving people false hope of something based on LIES.
BREAKING NEWS: 20+ years later, NESARA STILL hasn’t come to fruition, despite all of the elaborate promises of it being imminent. NESARA/GESARA is also tied to their fake alien invasion as well through the Galactic Federation Of Light coming to save mankind…KomorusanQ714



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