Juan O Savin Update: Trump 2022! Military Is The Only Way! – Must Video

Here's What People Are Buying Right Now!

So, If Mr T camp keeps saying: “we have it all” and the military know and has all this info, why have they not acted on this evil and corruption? Mr T keeps talking about the Midterms and elections taking back the house and senate. BUT 2020 has not been fixed! This makes zero sense! How can we have faith going forward? We are suffering financially with these high prices on everything now. Something needs to happen before it is too late!

LORD GOD ALMIGHTY EXPOSE All, and Watch Over The PRECIOUS INNOCENT People that is Coming Forth with TRUTH and The Ones that is running for Office , LORD GOD ALMIGHTY Have YOUR WAY and put People in that YOU want. AMEN and AMEN, Cover Mrs Peters, David AME

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