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Juan O’ Savin: The Dam Is About to Break!! (Video)

Juan O’ Savin: The Dam Is About to Break!! (Video)

The idea that we are in that moment where everything is about to change.. is Universal and Catastrophic.
The Deep State Satanic Rule is finished. Now down to the details. Which most of us know by now but this is a new idea that the DAM is about to break an this will have some down sides.

Yes, Twitter a Social Media Giant, has been reamed of the A.I Bots. The 8 drops of information and numerous live casts will go down in history for the AI being eliminated and the FBI that paid for censorship can not be undone.
And the Space X Launch on the 28th putting into place the 60th STARLINK 54 Sats.

Elon Musk on Twitter Dec 28 stated… 

Significant backend server architecture changes rolled out. Twitter should feel faster. And it is cleaner and clearer and now transferred World Wide through STARLINK light wave technology. No small achievement.

Everyone looks at things in various ways. Juan has been very consistent in his connections. And now we see “the crack in the Dam”.


Look at this as “Watch the Water” on steroids.

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