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Juan O’ Savin: Shocking Intel- Trump 777, WWIII, Clones the Biscuit and MORE (Video)

Juan & Tom discuss Trumps brand of 777, What about Super Humans, Experiments, Cloning of dogs, animals, how about cloning of Humans? Our own Consciousness exits in the library outside of our physical bodies, Torsion Field Projections.

Trump Commander In Chief, The TRUMP ARREST & the coded “BISCUIT” that the Deep State wants from Trump Ukraine was building a genetic bio weapon against specific Russian people with a very specific genome, that’s why Putin intervened. What is COVFEFE in all of this?

Is there a connection between Covfefe & adr***chrome? The latest bond film NO TIME TO DIE, are we living in a version of JURASSIC PARK, a DNA Genetic Time bomb, A Jurassic time bomb.

The Future is Ours . The Pepe Octopus over the Beautiful Green Earth. Smiling and President Trump at the Leadership with a Scepter and firmly in Control as the CIC



The 777 has been associated with Trump for a long time. And the post on Truth Social brought it forward. Trump was 70 years 7 months and 7 days old on his first FULL day in Office 1 21 2017. 777 also a Palindrome day 121.

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