Juan O' Savin: Banking Crisis Momentum & Trump's on His Way Back into Power - It's Happening, Folks! (Video) - best news here

Juan O’ Savin: Banking Crisis Momentum & Trump’s on His Way Back into Power – It’s Happening, Folks! (Video)

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The US economy is under severe stress, with a banking crisis gaining momentum. The weakening USD, asset seizures via executive orders, and the Dodd Frank Bail-in Bill signal a critical moment. Global dynamics are shifting as Saudi and the BRICS nations move toward gold-backed commodities. With key figures like Jamie Dimon and Klaus Schwab stepping down, new energy systems are set to emerge. Trump declares there will be no CBDC as he positions himself for a return to power. Stabilizing the USA is crucial before helping the world. For expert advice, visit KEPHD.com.

– Stress in US Economy will be a SEVERE SHOCK
– Attack our currency-attack our bloodline
– Weakening USD
– Seizing assets via EO
– 10-20 year stabilization new day plan
– Saudi and the BRICS
– Gold backed commodities


– Trump Wartime President
– Dodd Frank Bail-in Bill
– Jamie Diamond, FDIC Chairman, Klaus Schwab all stepping down
– QFS XLP Digital Wallet?
– Trump – There will be no CBDC
– We must stable USA then help the world
– Trump on his way back into power
– New energy systems to emerge once dust clears
– Get Help Economist Kirk Elliott – Gold and Silver KEPHD.com

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