JFK Jr. Cirstenw, Prison Barge, Adrenochrome, and More (Video)

As Guy Said: The Truth Is Going To Shock The World.. + The First Arrests. Bring On The Show ;) xQx TT ;)

1. If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and Vibration – Nikola Tesla

2.”I am part of a light, and it is the music. The light fills my six senses: I see it, feel, smell, touch and think. Thinking of it means my sixth sense – Nikola Tesla..

3.My brain is only a receiver – Nikola Tesla..

ME?.. Read Bio..+ More Not Told There. My Poor Families/Friends only know 90% .. THINK Y ;)

Time Travel Is Fun!..

Hold On To Your (White) Hats?.. Things Are Going Warp Speed. Starseeds Prepared For Years ;)

China Vs Taiwan, ISRAEL Will Be Last, Future Proves Past.. Q.

The Truth About Birthing Certificates. “All Worth Millions Each & “Traded”.. Not Pair-Of-Rents (Parents) Fault.

Wait Until You Learn The Truth About Germany.. (WW2) Search: Europa The Last Battle P1-10 / The Greatest Story


History Is Written By The Victors.. Its All Fake!!.. Throw Out Them History Papers. (Students)

Look Into Etymology & Numerology = Your Friends ;)

The Un-Vaxxed Men = Untainted Sperm.. Red Cross [BAD!] No Vaxxed Blood Please..

Most Leaders Are On-board [This Is A Big Movie]. Clean UP Cabal!!

God = Dog [Mirror] What God?. There Is 100s Of Them Including Pharaoh’s!!!! To Me = Source Or Creator is


The World Is A Stage And Your One Of The Main Actors With A Bunch Of NPC`s..

The World Is FULL OF Clones, Plenty Of M2F, F2M + CGI Magic..[Evil = Live]

[REPT] Queen E Took A Permanent Trip In 2020..[RIPP]!!..+ Others ;)

“The Walls Of Jericho Will Fall, When The Trumpets Sound” –HONK!! HONK!!–

All The Children are the most important generation of this century.

Religion Is The Cause All The Wars!!.. Money Is The Root Of All Evil.. We Are Sovereign Souls..

A Soul = [S]pecies [O]f [U]niversal [L]ight ;) .. We 24 [Galactic] Races Are Taking Back OUR Earth!!

This Is The Year Of The Water Tiger.

The Year Of The OX has Prepared The Lands 

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