It’s a Trap, Don’t Fall for It! “Exposing the Queen of the Deep State!” – Dan Bongino

In this episode, I address Donald Trump’s social media post exposing the queen of the deep state.

Will the Dems plunge the country into violence if they can’t beat President Trump? Stacey Plaskett just said the quiet part out loud; that “He NEEDS to be SHOT! With a gun the dems want to ban? No hypocrisy there right? Remember, NO president has done more to improve life for African Americans than Donald J. Trump! And that includes Bathhouse Barry. If any Republican said Dementia Joe needs to be shot, the FBI would be at their home with guns drawn in a pre-dawn raid the next day. Write your Congressperson, demand that the the toxic, violent, racist Plaskett be removed from Congress.

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