It Has Begun!! This Was Never About Us!! It Was Always About Them!! Independence Day Shadow Government Shutdown Imminent!! 

It Has Begun!! This Was Never About Us!! It’s Always Been About Them!! Independence Day System Shutdown Will Commence!! Many People Are Only Able To Afford 1 Meal A Day! 83% Of Americans Have Had To Cut Their Spending!! Want To Save Money While Securing Months Of The Highest Quality Foods? Experts say the looming global FOOD CRISIS will be WORSE than ANY YEAR since World War TWO!!! What should you do? Go To:  We Have Reached Over 14K Towards Our Goal!! Come Be Part Of The Most Important Gathering We Will Have In This Life!! We Are Going To Show Who The True Patriots Are!! We Have Started Stockpiling Weaponry, Food, And Resources To Start Building On The Land We Will Secure When We Reach Our Goal!! This Will Be Huge And We Will Be Heard!! 

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