If Βiden Is Fully Ιn Control, Why Ιs Τrump Now Saying Ηe Will Do This? About Ιt & More! All Revealed! – Must Video

If TRUMP wasn’t still in some kind of charge why else would he be going to check out the border former presidents don’t go check out a real president problem GOD SPEED.

If they want people to turn on the monsters, show what they do to the kids. Blur out the children’s faces and private areas and let the people see. They don’t need to wait for our Country to go through any more unnecessary suffering and destruction, show just what the monsters really are.

It’s getting more bizarre every day. The elites are screwing with our minds more and more each day.

Someone has now leaked a photo from them filming at Tyler Perry Studios that confirm Richard Citizen’s video of the Rose Garden when they were supposedly live on TV at the exact time yet there was nobody around at all in DC. The leaked photo is clearly at Tyler Perry Studios, you can see the stadium directly behind where they’re filming at the Studio. It’s bizarre.

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