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I agree 100% TREASON ,,, Crimes against Humanity are punishable by Death .. Quick military justice!

They need to bring back Trump sooner than later.

This might be something to look into. Convulsions Wuhan Vaxcine!


“China: V a x Law Passed”
“According to the Law, China is to implement a state immunization program, and residents living within the territory of China are legally obligated to be vaccinated with immunization program vaccines, which are provided by the government free of charge.”
“The Law will take effect on December 1, 2019”

The SARS covid v a x was administered startedDecember 1, 2019 just when they started seeing problems with the Pandemic in Wuhan. Looks like they were testing it on the Chinese citizens before they hit us. So they make a controlled outbreak, likely test 5G targeting at the same time, and film the chaos in one city. The rest of China keeps producing goods and services while they export the virus to the world with a bought off fear based mind control propaganda campaign to destroy the West.

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