Gene Ho: Trump’s Photographer Says “100% Trump Will Be Back”!! – Nicholas Veniamin Must Video

I believe Gitmo was expanded. There were only 42 prisoners left there, I believe. I intermittently looked at flights going to Gitmo last year, and I was seeing lots of flights that originated from military bases. There would have been no reason for daily flights from military bases for 42 prisoners.

Life long Californian here, North Central Ca, not the Southern and Bay area California swamp. We are some of the most Patriotic people you will find. Our vote throughout California, where a strong part of the population is made up of immigrants (that came here to make a life and work hard) farmers, ranchers, and loggers…we have always voted red but they steal our votes!

We have been red taped and regulated out of our livelihood and now have NOTHING TO LOOSE and everything thing to gain if we fight, so these career politicians better watch out!

We are “Ultra MEGA” in Cali and ready to drain the swamp from the West Coast to the East Coast!

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