Gene Decode Shares Rare Footage of Space Fleet Fighters Taking out Ships And Pictures of ET’s and Star Wars on Earth


Note: The 5 Rules to Awakening and the 4 Sources of Disinformation were written by the Sergeant Major back in 2010. They were the TRUTH THEN and still are the TRUTH TODAY. Science is Fake, Science is a Religion, Science is Science Fiction. DON’T BE BLINDED BY SCIENCE!

Gene tells us what is currently happening behind the scenes with humanity. He shares rare footage of a Star Wars event occurring in 2018 and explains this is what is going on today with our Space Fleet takes out ships of the dark side. He shows us a picture of a galactic that once had beautiful opalescent wings now as they joined the dark forces, today they appear with short wings and no color.

This is a very interesting and informative show. Make sure you watch the whole show, he shows the pictures of a species of gelatins and tells their story near the end.

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