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The Octopus has many tentacles…
Oprah has been the top Witch for a long time
Ashton Kutcher is the top male witch…….those who know know…
Tom Hanks ..just like on Epstein island it was for the B listers..while Necker island – Branson was for the A listers
so while many think Tom Hanks is the top boy- that is for the sheeple..it is really Kutchner who is the top witch.
Frank Sinatra who everyone thought so wonderful
The Tall one from the 70’s show had breast implants when the show became famous…Laura Prepon
Hollywierd is just one…
Mafia have blood rituals
Religions have Rituals
Freemasons have Rituals
Royals have Rituals

Imagine when i told all this in September 2020 to November 2020 on the Princess cirstnw ink’d social with gene decode,charlie ward,charlie freak,mel k,rosanne barr.. with millions worshiping them ,the mickey mouse club did not like me…but now they are all telling you intel…
In November 2020 they BANNED me for questioning god – charlie ward and taking away attention from the princess because many were paying attention to what i was posting but was censored…..could not post discussions, photos and the final straw was that too many were waking up to the BS of bible and 6,000 year old Earth and princess claims the bible tops EVERYTHING…..

Angelina is Air
Scientology is an arm of FREEMASONRY

MMS for the covid 19 it will stop the Spike proteins to attach to the human receptors
Trump has had 15 assassination attempts and one clone was killed.
Melania 1 attempt

Trump has 3 clones
imagine the mouseketeers laughing …it is like listening to some scratching the chalk board with deep nails
200 McDonald’s closed due to selling human meat..I wonder how many of charlie ward’s McDonald’s were closed in Europe? the twins…he is a Gemini cause jesus loves you…
one you see as jesus loves you
the other worked for the cabal but maybe he did a deal and doing his penance
cirstn w claims the Earth is 6,000 years old and there are NO ETS
but now gene decode who went on his own..now talks about ETS and the Planet is million of years old
what gives ?????
OH MY cirstnw claims JFK JR is dead because she read in a newspaper
so Gene is not allowed to talk about that….can’t lose any sheeple followers always follow the MON NEY….cause jesus loves you…

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