Gen. Michael Flynn Exposes Their Plan! Many Show Courage In This Battle! Pray! – And We Know (Must Video)

I hope Tucker isn’t a paid shill but your right in that right now we don’t know who are the good guys or bad guys. We have so many good guys fighting for our rights every day but we also have supposed good guys who are really evil pretending to be good that are doing absolutely disgusting things to our children and they hide behind a shield of Government, police, sportsmen, Hollywood, Doctors and nurses.

These are the people who need to be exposed and removed from our society. The Ghislane Maxwell trial should be televised so everyone can see and hear which people around our country and world that visited that vile Island and participated in unspeakable acts against other humans. Why are they trying to keep that trial hidden from our eyes yet they have Kyle’s trial on multiple stations running 24/7.

Why is Joe Biden trying to intercede for Ghislane? I wonder if he was there. All of their names will be known all around the world…eventually.

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