Final Eviction Warning July 31st! A Crash Is Coming! Consumers Confident in Money Printers! – Bull Boom Bear Bust (Must Video)

I believe the extended eviction moratorium has also contributed to the not wanting to go back to work issue. Gosh no rent for over a year ? No motivation to go back to work. End all this crap.

It’s always the last extension, the last bail out, the last Q.E. until the next one.

Kavanaugh basically said that he understands that what the CDC is doing, is essentially illegal, but since the Supreme Court is no longer an institution of Law and is now a political body, we will allow the illegal action of the CDC to continue. The Supreme Court is a fucking joke, this country is a joke now. Today’s America has no resemblance to the America of yesteryear. People need to stand up and revolt. Enough is enough already.

Nothing is more permanent than a temporary government program!

“Consumers” are brainwashed into believing that as long as the stock market and house prices are UP, the economy is wonderful!!! The MSM says so!

These extensions will go and on until the next variant comes and final lock down in place!!!

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