FDA Approves Cancer Cure! Covid Hospital Patients Were Murdered! Vaccinated Are Ticking Time Bombs! – Must Video

Here's What People Are Buying Right Now!

More soccer players dropping dead on live t.v.
This time, an Algerian footballer Dies after being vaccinated
– Hospital patients infected with the man made virus they named COVID are now being allowed to enter U.S. nursing homes to purposely infect the long term residents.
The democrats did this in 2020 and killed tens of thousands. They are now doing it again in 2022. And the MURDERS in hospitals continue before your very eyes.

Notice how you’re seeing more ads for AIDS on tv? They know what’s coming and have already started the campaign to introduce AIDS as the new normal. Who was the leading AIDS vaccine pioneer? Flip Flop! He and the Chinese just generated another 10 years of income for themselves. Flip Flop Wins !!! We die….

I noticed many of these soccer players not just drop but twitch and their muscles sieze up as if they are in a full blown siezure. This is not indicative of a heart attack. Or I should say, ONLY a heart attack!

I was an RN for 18 yrs until the day they put us into lockdown. I have a copy of the patent as well as Agenda 21 but nobody I know wants to read it. As if I’m not working because I don’t want to? What’s wrong with the people of this country? They can’t all be this stupid. I watched the entire town wear masks for at least 6 entire months, was jumped, threatened, denied service and even had 911 called on me for noncompliance, one of these was a pediatrician and a pcp. You know the pediatrician gave these out and the pcp probably did too. I tried to tell them but was stopped by the watch dog at the front desk yelling at me or the APRN hanging up on me. Good luck, 🐑 I’m in CT and completely surrounded.

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