Fauci Melts Down In Congress As Covid-19 House of Cards Collapse! – Banned (Must Video)

Globalists’ cashless society, Mark of the Beast, and global ID are being unleashed onto the masses! But, humanity is awakening and fighting back! Watch and share this EXPLOSIVE broadcast to stay ahead in this information war!

Rand Paul will probably become a martyr for this. They are coming after him big time!

There are people in Washington state who act terrified and brainwashed just like those in the UK that he described and of course, they are also fully vaccinated. I unfortunately work for two of these people. They are fully vaccinated but think that they can get the Delta variant from people like me who aren’t vaccinated unless we wear flimsy pieces of cloth on our faces. One of them also seems to think that he can bully me to get vaccinated by threatening to fire me. Which is why I will be putting my resignation in today. I don’t how brain dead you have to be to simultaneously think your vaccine works but you’re still not safe until everyone is vaccinated.

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