Fake Oval Office, Fake President . . . Fake “Joe Biden” – Expand Your Thinking! (video)

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In my decades on Earth I have never heard of an adult that has gone from writing with their right hand to their left hand, without some kind of extreme disability requiring it.

Take a look at the images below. In the top image, the current resident of the White House writes left handed yet in the bottom image, likely taken a decade or so ago, it shows “Joe Biden” writing with his right hand. What the hell is going on with this guy?? Who is “Joe Biden”??

Now, physical differences are becoming prevalent. The change in his voice and his ears literally beginning to fall off his face are obvious signs. Biden has been cloned, and that clone is beginning to fail.

The Kamino Corporation was contacted in January of 2019 by DNC operative Sifo Dyas to clone the former Vice President in preparation for a 2020 presidential run. Three months later, Biden’s clone had reached maturity, and on April 19, 2019, cloned Biden announced his candidacy for President.

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The model, a T-1000, proved very effective at first. In fact, its performance impressed the RNC so much they used the Kamino Corporation to clone Michele Bachmann. That clone resulted in what we currently refer to as Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene.

The clear and present deterioration of both these clones has prompted the Kamino Corporation to issue a massive recall on all its T series clones. While there have been smaller recalls of specific T models, such as the T-101 Nancy Pelosi and Olsen twins, for behavioral issues, rising customer dissatisfaction has led to greater overall action.

This will undoubtedly leave noticeable absences in both politics and entertainment across the globe.

The exposure of these clones has served in making the public more aware as to which personalities are, in fact, clones. It’s 2022, and comedian Dave Chappelle can’t stop smoking cigarettes. Clone.

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Guy Fieri sits on the throne of a culinary empire, yet bears the same hair cut that maintained his virginity throughout the 1990s. Clone.

Boris Johnson of the UK and Mark Davis of the Las Vegas Raiders have the same appearance and are both leaders of their respective organizations. Both are clones of the late Al Davis.

Tom Brady is perhaps the most obvious clone of all. Each of his six Super Bowl victories was attained by different clones, leaving Joe Montana as the greatest quarterback of all time.

The Kamino Corporation has issued a statement ensuring that all the issues with the T series have been resolved.

The fix involves a simple patch that releases small doses of hydroxychloroquine and adrenochrome into the clone’s positronic system. They do note that while the fix will prevent cellular decay, it will not resolve any character faults of the original human template.

Where Is Hunter:

These two clowns though.

The library backdrop debacle = clones filmed in same library room at GITMO.

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