Durham Boats: Lots of Information Flowing! Two Lanterns, One Milair, Nov. 3rd & More! Pray! – And We Know (Must Video)

There is no doubt in my mind Devolution is real at this point. 17th and Q (too Qbvious), Buyden hung (and shot), “they lost the white house”, Durham boat, hollywood silent, global protests, economies tanking, sealed indictments at an all time high, MSM collapsing, Qoincidences every week, medical confidence breaking down, reckless inflation, satanic cabal rituals being exposed, exposed corruption down to the local level, global energy and supply chain crisis, military and law enforcement being decimated through medical tyranny, religious orders being exposed and luciferian orders, endless lock downs, election fraud… We have never seen anything like this in history…

THE GREAT AWAKENING IS HAPPENING (unfortunately it won’t be for everyone)

It may feel hard at this time but I have to wonder how much worse it could have been if people’s eyes had not been open to the truth. The evil throngs would really be having a field day. I am in Florida with relatives in a number of blue States so although I do not “feel” it like many of you, I am well aware of the insaneness going on all around. I continue to pray for all of us around the world. God bless us all. The end will be a beautiful thing.

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