Drain The Damn Swamp! President Trump & Military White Hats Will Save Our Republic! NESARA / GESARA – A Must See Epic Adventure!

THIS VIDEO IS NOT FOR THE ‘COMPLIANT’; the sheep who fall in line to willingly believe the LIES of the FAKE NEWS in the final hour, because their propensity for self delusion seals their fate sooner than they could imagine. But, for those with EYES TO SEE, this video will come as a MESSAGE OF HOPE! The elites’ timing is off and THIS WILL NOT END WELL FOR THEM because they are creating the precise conditions that will give rise to the MILITARY TRIBUNALS THAT LAY AHEAD!

I want to be very clear and unequivocal about one thing right up front: THOSE BEHIND THIS THIEVING SCHEME ARE EVIL TO THE CORE and MOST PEOPLE still haven’t realized just how evil these SATANIC BEASTS REALLY ARE! But when they finally open their brainwashed eyes, IT’S GOING TO BLOW THEIR MINDS! I’m going to describe how this ends in BRUTAL TERMS! I’m not going to pander to the delusional, and I’m not about to sugar coat it for the masses.


All this begs the question: If the 2020 US presidential election was rigged against President Donald Trump, is it possible the Military White Hats were prepared – well in advance – of this election to monitor for massive voter fraud? Is there any evidence to indicate that White Hats in the American government knew Biden would steal the election and caught him, thereby (secretly) triggering a Continuity Of Government Plan to save our Great Republic? This riveting documentary is based upon the fantastic research of Potel Patriot and Adam Reva, and investigates when a government’s chain of command is decentralized to circumvent the Constitutional provisions for succession. Jam-Packed with undeniable facts and head-spinning realities that will have you jumping up and down, yelling “….I KNEW IT ALL ALONG…!”

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