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Douglas Macgregor: They passed the Border!

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As the sun sets over the war-torn landscapes of Ukraine, a nation caught in the crossfire of geopolitical ambitions, one can’t help but ponder the complexities of the situation. The air is thick with tension, not just in Ukraine but across the Atlantic, where the American populace finds itself increasingly at odds with the decisions of its leaders. A growing consensus is emerging, a collective voice that questions the wisdom of pouring endless resources into a conflict that seems to have no end in sight.

The American democratic system, often hailed as the epitome of freedom and representation, is facing a crisis of credibility. The people have spoken, their voices captured in polls and surveys, expressing a weariness of supporting the Ukrainian government’s war efforts against Russia. Yet, the corridors of power in Washington D.C. seem to echo with a different tune, one that is discordant with the symphony of public opinion.

Among the voices that rise above the cacophony is that of Douglas Macgregor, a man whose credentials are as impressive as his insights are profound. A retired U.S. Army Colonel, a senior fellow with the American Conservative, and an adviser to the Secretary of Defense during the Trump Administration, Macgregor is no stranger to the intricacies of military strategy and geopolitical dynamics. His writings, a clarion call for reason, question the wisdom of America’s involvement in what he sees as a proxy war with Russia.

Macgregor’s critique is scathing but grounded in reality. He argues that America’s proxy war has transformed Ukraine into a graveyard, not just of lives but of ideals and aspirations. The conflict, he contends, serves no one—neither the Ukrainians nor the Russians, and certainly not the Americans. His call for a diplomatic solution is not an endorsement of any side but a plea for sanity in a world teetering on the brink of chaos.


The financial burden of supporting the Ukrainian government is not just a strain on the American economy; it is a weight on the collective conscience of a nation. As young men and women don the uniform and head into battle, as families are torn apart, and as communities are decimated, the question that looms large is: to what end?

The path to peace is fraught with obstacles, but it is a journey that must be undertaken. Macgregor’s voice is not a lone cry in the wilderness; it is part of a growing chorus that demands a reevaluation of America’s foreign policy. The time has come to listen to these voices, to bridge the chasm between the governed and the governors, and to chart a new course that aligns with the aspirations of the people.

As the curtain falls on this act of the geopolitical drama, one can only hope that reason will prevail. The stakes are high, and the cost of failure is unimaginable. In the quest for peace, may wisdom be our compass and humanity our guide. For in the final analysis, it is not just the fate of nations that hangs in the balance, but the very soul of civilization itself.

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