DeSantis Tours GITMO 

U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay received an unexpected visitor Saturday afternoon. Florida Governor and potential 2024 presidential candidate Ron DeSantis arrived at GITMO at approximately 4:00 p.m. aboard a Learjet 35, which landed at Leeward Point Airfield along Cuba’s southern edge. His visit, sources later told Real Raw News, was unannounced but welcomed with applause.

“The [ATC] tower got word that a plane carrying Governor DeSantis was enroute and would be landing in 20 minutes. The pilot said DeSantis would be the only one deplaning. There was no time to roll out the red carpet or prepare a formal welcoming committee,” a JAG source told RRN.

Governor DeSantis is no stranger to GITMO; In 2004, during his second year at Harvard Law, DeSantis was commissioned an officer in the U.S. Navy and assigned to JAG. He completed Naval Justice School in 2005. Later that year, he reported to the JAG Trial Service Office Command at Naval Station Mayport, Florida, as a prosecutor. He was promoted from lieutenant, junior grade to lieutenant in 2006, and served at GITMO under JAG’s commanding officer, working directly with Jihadi detainees.

Our source said that Admirals Darse E. Crandall and David G. Wilson, both wearing civvies, greeted DeSantis on the runway. They shook hands, exchanged pleasantries, appeared to laugh about something, and then climbed in a civilian SUV and were driven to Adm. Crandall’s private residence. The driver remained in the vehicle while they spent an hour inside, probably having an early supper and discussing sensitive topics about which neither our source nor we are aware. Afterward, they travelled to GITMO’s south courtroom, where many Deep Staters have met their fate, and then paused to shake hands with a trio of Marines headed back to barracks. One wanted a selfie with DeSantis, but the governor declined; apparently, he did not want his GITMO excursion publicized on social media, or made a matter of public record.


Their last stop was GITMO’s abyssal heart, the Camp Delta detention block, former home to Jihadis and current dwelling place to Deep Staters awaiting tribunals or serving life sentences for committing treason against the Republic. A uniformed Marine escorted the admirals and Gov. DeSantis past a dozen sentries patrolling the perimeter and inside the 15’-foot-high chain fence topped with razor wire angled inward. Of GITMO’s four fortified structures, the admirals and their guest entered only Camp 1, an impregnable fortress made of cement and stone that has approximately 340 six-by-nine-foot cells.

Our source, who viewed the governor’s tour from a distance, could not enter the camp and does not know whether DeSantis spoke to any detainees. He said they were in the Camp about 30 minutes, after which the governor returned to the airfield for his flight home.

In closing, this is the first time in a long time, at least as far as we know, that a politician has been granted access to GITMO’s inner secrets. President Trump had attended at least one Deep State execution, but that was well over a year ago. As reported previously, certain elements among the White Hat partition of the U.S. military have had feelings of confliction regarding Trump’s ability to fully drain the swamp and mend a fractured nation. JAG, however, has stayed neutral, saying its responsible is to prosecute prisoners, not adjudicate the political fray. If JAG has picked a side, it could indicate a fundamental shift in the White Hat movement.

DeSantis’ unscheduled trip came a day after he campaigned in Pennsylvania and Ohio for two fellow Republican candidates in critical races.

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