Charlie Ward Shocking News 8/20/22! 5G Just Got Turned Up! – Must Video 

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I have a cold on and off for over 10years, it might be the flat I was forced to live in. I never got the jab, in fact I am drinking 12beers a day and smoking toxic marijuana. I eat junk food, must admit I feel like a nightmare but I’m not dead, also literally not had barely and sunlight for 20years. Don’t sleep in a good natural rhythm. I have not a friend in the world for 13yrs erm. I’ve been traumatically dragged from this flat and put into jail then prison on complete false wicked lies. The police sure enjoyed hurting me physically. Also the Luciferian freemason faggots are my enemy. I will torture those that have and continued to hurt me and others. I tell you the truth, to my enemy, I am an angel of the wrath of Christ.

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