Cancelled Eye Specialist Reveals “7 Second Ritual” To Restore Perfect 20/20 Vision

Everything you have been told is a lie..
how about those FREEMASON FLYNN soldiers doing tours and selling silver and Bullshit and the three mouseketeers who ran to mexico all the BITCH u te know it all grandpas love so much….
i am rubbish at remembering positiv et species names,, i know wot they all look like,i remember wen i see them… i am surprised alex hasnt been shown the removal of the first 2 lenses /plazma screen/fermament,,, and how the positivs and space force gona activate flash from sun,[lenses full of plazma] the transportation to new 3d prepped earth ,takes seconds to get ther through gateway,,,,this is for all the sheep,the ones who wont except ,”THE ENDING WONT BE FOR EVERYONE ” NEW EARTH will be good for them,,,pretty similar but with no demonic empire,,,once the evolve and except ,,,us who will be staying ,ther learn from us eventually; dont forget ,us 20% will be hated by the sheep,,,”for being right” …. wen they all learn wot we got here and how wer all living ,ther snap out of it,,,”hopefully” hope you ok blue ,,,,good stuf fella.. “SWEET m8” “you hav to understand the full weight of compulsive lieing ,and the ET world ” everything will make sense then….

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