BOOOM!!! Exclusion of Biden – If SCOTUS Rejects Judgment, Military Must Participate

SCOTUS does not judge (2020/01/06) Military intervention is possible

Everything you see is scripted.
A plan to save the world.
The only way is the military.

The petition was denied. Act Reconsideration Petition. Good luck to everyone.



If SC hears the case and finds out there was voter fraud, Biden is arrested and Trump is back.

If SC hears the case and finds that Biden should stay then the Army is bound by the constitution to protect the country because that means SCOTUS is compromised and the American has been taken by the enemy.

If SC doesn’t hear the case, that means SCOTUS is compromised and the American has been taken by the enemy, the military is forced to step in. / Martial law [to which we are already subject.]

Supreme Court to review election case seeking to remove Biden, Harris

Restart ctrl+alt+delete

What are the 3 buttons you press when your computer is frozen to force a restart?


Would you say our nation has been frozen, metaphorically?

CTRL = Congress



Now let’s watch the reboot

FBI investigates classified documents from Biden’s private office

the piece fits

GESARA Statement/Conditions for Going EAS/EBS Are “Biden Exclusion”

Note: As you may already know, Biden is an actor. The person himself has since been executed, but alternate actors play Biden, and the White House where Biden is is the setting for the  Tyler Perry Studio  . Biden never entered the White House in DC. What happens is a white hat movie, but the events have to happen according to the scenario. To show it to people and the world.

Is it a rubber fault? !

Classified documents from Biden’s vice presidency are found in a private office

BREAKING: Classified documents from Joe Biden’s Vice President office at UPENN and were discovered the day before the midterm elections, by his personal lawyers. National Archives seized the documents and AG Garland has now appointed a US Attorney to investigate.

Joe Biden is under investigation by the US Attorney after confidential documents were found in the offices of a Biden think tank from when he was vice president. The #FBI is also involved in the preliminary investigation.

Biden’s think tank received $54 million from China

“The amount was 54 million dollars that Think Tank Biden received from China. That’s a lot of money. They saw the classified documents!”

It’s getting spicier 

“Wow! The Biden Think Tank is funded by CHINA!!! Also, a Vice President cannot declassify documents, which are covered by the Federal Records Act, which is Criminal and MUCH STRONGER than the Presidential Records Act, which is NOT Criminal. A President, myself, can disqualify. How much more information has China received?”

Everything that happened to Trump will happen to our enemies. The precedent had to be set. BoomERang FOOLED!

So Biden did EXACTLY what Trump did…

Where is the FBI attack?

All I keep thinking is precedent had to be set. Am I right?

Classified documents from Biden’s time as vice president discovered in private office | CNN Politics

Attorney General Merrick Garland has asked the U.S. Attorney in Chicago to investigate the matter, a source familiar with the matter told CNN.

TEXAS SENT HIM HOME WITH A MAGA HAT!!! Texas sent him back with a MAGA HAT!!!

NEW – Biden seen departing for DC from his first visit to the southern border of the United States with a red hat in hand.

Every media reports

Japan is getting ready

US to Create 2,000-Man Rapid Response Force in Okinawa

At present, the “theater (battlefield)” is set up in Japan, the Philippines, etc.

You are watching a movie.

Marine General discusses the stage setup.

Nothing can stop what’s coming.

The US and its Asian allies are preparing for scenarios such as China’s invasion of Taiwan , mimicking the groundwork whereby the West could help Ukraine resist Russia, Biermann said .

“Why do you think we are so successful in Ukraine? Since the Russian attacks in 2014, 2015, we have been preparing with determination for future conflicts. We are ready to carry out and continue the operation” , he said.

“ This is what we call building the theater. We are currently building theaters in Japan, the Philippines and elsewhere. ” With Beijing dramatically increasing the scale and sophistication of its military operations near Taiwan in recent years, Biermann made an unusually candid comparison of the war in Ukraine with a potential conflict with China.

Japan and the Philippines are also stepping up defense cooperation with the United States amid China’s growing assertiveness you are watching a film The General of the Marine Corps talks about the backdrop. You can’t stop what’s coming.

[Note] There were many DS facilities in Taiwan, such as bioweapons labs, clone factories, and underground facilities, so they were all destroyed by the US military led by the White Hats. China was ostensibly disguised as an emergency in Taiwan. Xi Jinping is a white hat. Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party need to be considered separately.

1st Marine Air Wing, Okinawa Japan, tweets image above.
Marine General gives statement re: “Setting the theater directly references Japan/Pacific AO.
Q555 has a delta of 1/19 in 10 days.

We know that Taiwan must be dealt
with, we know that the WW sea lanes must be stopped
, we know that the infrastructure that enables transnational crime must be repurposed or destroyed.

—> Indo Pacific Command reporting what’s to come <—

“What if China and Russia are coordinating with POTUS to eliminate the NWO?”

American Indo-Pacific Command (PACOM)


Thanks for reading this article.

QAnon: Where They Come One They Come All. To GITMO! This Revolution Will Not be Televised!

Editor’s Note:  A lot of people ask me every day,

>>Why do we still see these “people” in public appearances and on social media?<<

I believe that this is for optics. If people learned about all of this all at once, it would be very upsetting to them. Feel free to research deep fakes, robotics, body doubles, and cloning and decide for yourself.

Donald Trump’s swamp draining is about to begin in earnest, with political crooks around the country concealing ankle monitors, house fires attempting to destroy evidence at an array of high-profile people’s houses, and Guantanamo Bay being prepared for the influx of American high-profile prisoners.

SOURCE: https://redemption3301.blogspot.com/

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