Bombshell Report: Rapid Human Cloning – Full Disclosure! (Living a Life of Illusion)

Bombshell Report: Rapid Human Cloning – Full Disclosure! (Living a Life of Illusion)

Rapid Human Cloning, It’s the greatest deception of the modern age. From this, all other cabal deceptions are possible. Neither black hats  will disclose it, for different reasons. Good people won’t risk harm to themselves or their families, or face the inevitable ridicule for speaking about such a thing.

The media remains controlled by the same dark forces using clones. For full disclosure to be accepted, the Shift must first separate dark and light onto different timelines, and human consciousness must be changed to accept a new reality without fear. Pleiadians offer full disclosure on many topics for anyone who is ready to receive it.

How Deep is the Rabbit Hole?

Cloning is controlled by the highest-ranking member of the satanic cabal. For many years, this was George Soros, but now the role has been passed to Google founder, Larry Page. Satanism disrupts natural order and imposes control. Elite satanists don’t need the population to be real, just obedient.


Clones can be entertainers, media personalities, world leaders, royalty or ordinary citizens. They are placed into communities, given homes and necessary paperwork. They can be used for financial gain, for control, or to conceal crimes, deaths and arrests.

Pleiadians tell us there are billions of clones currently being counted among the human population, and most of them are in China. There are over 2,000 controlled clones that we see every day in the media which have implanted technology and require specialized doctors and handlers.

Origins of Rapid Human Cloning

The NSA (National Security Agency) is the intelligence arm of the military, dealing with crash retrievals and extraterrestrial contact. While animal cloning comes from years of scientific research, the technology used to rapidly clone humans was received through extraterrestrial contact.


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