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Black Hawks Down, White Hats Killed

When nine service members aboard two Blackhawk helicopters perished in a “training accident” on March 29, the criminal regime’s mouthpiece, Lloyd Austin, blamed the lost airframes and fatalities on a nighttime collision west of Fort Campbell, Kentucky. A week later, he released names and ranks of the nine soldiers that allegedly died in the “accident” and announced that search and rescue teams had recovered the flight data recorders from the wreckage, although he shared no details on what the black boxes recorded prior to the crashes.

A Real Raw News investigation into the incident demonstrably demolishes the official narrative as entirely fictitious.

Sources in General Eric M. Smith’s office told RRN that nine soldiers died the night of March 31 and were members of the 101st Airborne Division and the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, but not the ones named by the regime’s corrupt Dept. of Defense.

The actual soldiers, he said, were White Hats killed in action when the Blackhawks “exploded in flight” while on a mission to apprehend a Deep Stater suspected of harboring underage children at his residence in southern Illinois. Gen. Smith’s office is withholding the identities of the deceased and the name of the Deep Stater for reasons of operational security.

Immediately after the incident, White Hats raced against the clock to salvage wreckage before soldiers loyal to the criminal Biden regime—or Black Hats–reached and sealed off the crash site.

Our source explained that Fort Campbell is currently home to both White Hats and soldiers who have sworn fealty to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, with garrison commander Col. Andrew Jordon standing for the White Hats and senior commander Gen. Joseph Mcgee representing the Biden loyalists. The leadership rift and status of forces at Fort Campbell is beyond the scope of this article, but the tenuous split will be covered in the future. The chain of command is fractured.

Within an hour of the crash, a White Hat recovery team arrived at the “accident” scene—an open field across from a residential area—and extinguished pieces of flaming debris. All that remained of the choppers, which had flown at an altitude of only 250 ft. above ground level, was a twisted sprawl of mangled metal. The broken and burned corpses of nine heroic White Hats lay amid the wreckage. A limbless body with charred flesh had been thrown from the wreck. Another had an aluminum tube, a piece of a seat frame, protruding through his chest. The damage and dismemberments, our source said, were inconsistent with a low-altitude helicopter collision.

The recovery team freed what remains it could and placed them, along with some helicopter debris, on M35 2½-ton cargo trucks, which egressed the vicinity and began the long drive to Fort Bragg, minutes before regime forces and local law enforcement showed up to cordon off the site.


At Bragg, a metallurgist contracted to the Army Corps of Engineers performed chemical spot and Infrared spectroscopy tests on an instrument panel, a shattered pilot’s helmet, other components, and structural fragments. He deduced that significant damage on both helicopters was consistent with an explosive device detonating in either the cockpit or crew cabin, and he found tiny particles of C-4, a common variety of plastic explosives.

The medical examiner at Womack Army Medical Center, Fort Bragg, attested to the explosive theory upon examining the bodily remains of the fallen soldiers. Their wounds—an eye blown into its socket and a shredded, severed arm, for example—were incongruent with a low-altitude collision and crash.

A preliminary report from Gen. Smith’s office concluded that several pounds of plastic explosives—rigged with a timer or intentionally triggered by occupants on both Blackhawks—exploded in or near the cockpits and were a catalyst for the deadly crashes. If the blast didn’t outright kill them, the crash certainly did, the report ruled.

“This was sabotage,” our source said. “We know what happened, and we’re damn near certain why it happened, but we’re still clueless why the DoD fabricated the names of the dead. We couldn’t get all the remains, and even though our operatives don’t wear [dog] tags on sensitive missions, by now the DoD has checked the dead against dental records. It’s safe to assume they have a good idea who was in those birds. We know none of the nine the DoD named were on those Blackhawks.”

Three, he added, couldn’t have been on the choppers because military records showed them on leave, hundreds or thousands of miles away, when the flight left Fort Campbell.

What’s puzzling is that all nine on the DoD’s flight log have vanished from the face of the planet.

“They’ve poofed. Those supposedly on leave never returned to Ft. Campbell. The other six aren’t there either, nor at any military base. We’ve done an exhaustive search; we’d really like to talk to them. But they’re—gone,” our source said.

The general’s office hasn’t ruled out that the DoD might, for reasons unknown, have disappeared them.

In closing, we pressed our source for details on the operation to arrest the Deep Stater and save enslaved children.

“Right now, I can’t say if a subsequent mission occurred. When I have the authority to share more, I will. What I can say is, Gen. Smith sees a couple of possibilities. Either we still have traitors among us, or the Deep State found out about the operation and somehow rigged those choppers to blow.”

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