Biden Using Covid Vaccines to Target “Human Infrastructure”! – Mike Adams (Must Video)

Not only will health care workers be forced to take these shots but some of us will simply quit. We know better than many the effects of these injections. We have experienced some of the side effects. Nurses and doctors moreso than caregivers like myself. Still, all of my clients had bad reactions to their shots. So, they won’t force me to get it. Even if I hadn’t seen others with bad reactions, this is a matter of principle. In a free country, individuals should be allowed body autonomy. The health care industry will be decimated due to this but so will long term care. Many will suffer without the help they need.  

Mandates are not legal constitution is the document that I follow I carry a copy in my pocket and the constitution is very clear about what to do with a tyrannical government we as citizens must remove these agents of death very clear!

The mRNA and probably graphene oxide is encapsulated in lipid/ fat and it was recommended in Russia to not drink alkohol when vaxxinated. If you really have to take it (don’t do it, wait for the collapse) or they force it on you then you know what to drink. The mRNA will only get to your cell if encapsulated.

The outcome of them forcing people will end badly either A. they will quit the job or B. they will take the shot and end up unable to work anyway. Making the whole system collapse.

I will rather get fired than take that poison.

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