Here's What People Are Buying Right Now!

Usually when stocks fall bonds rise, in this case we are seeing both plummeting along with crypto which is down 2/3′s. We are also observing the systematic collapse of the E.U. , in other words we are watching the boycott of the Khazarian mafia and their fake regimes in the U.S, Canada, Germany and France. Russian special forces continue to take out bio-labs all over the world. Biden threatens the world with another pandemic. The P-3 freemasons reveal that the fake pope Francis will step down,, so the Khazarian’s can install another fake pope, this time being from Africa and they want this to happen during famine and starvation. A massive Obama Intel drop, along with the reason he was able to operate so long. We are also waiting to hear from the military about the death and or removal of the fake Biden regime. That and alot more in this Friday 6/24/2022 update.

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