Animal And Human Hybrids (Must Video)

In this video we will take a closer look to the historical, biblical and scientific studies concerning Man playing God and creating a human sub- species
Along with the help and funding from worldwide governments we will study the evidence found for the truth within their lies.
We might as well see what our “hard earned” tax dollars/pounds support and pay for, without our consent!

Enjoy my findings on this evil subject, I think by the end we will all agree, there is only one perfect creator, our God!

Man again is making an abomination out of God’s perfect design and creation, and what lurks within mixing Mankind with animals is nothing short of monsters.
Not quiet the “sweet-tooths” they was hoping for.

Just like the book of Enoch states, in the end days we will again repeat this history of defying God’s wishes and mixing Life’s DNA and perfect designs sinning against the laws of our Nature!

Time to stop all evil. Share to leave it no place to hide.

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