And We Know: Deep State Obliteration Incoming! BLM For Trump? Elon! Ireland Craziness! Military Fights Back! Pray! – Must Video

It is now rock-solid proof that the United States made the COVID virus in a Ukrainian bio-lab. I cannot find out when this started. The test run was SARS under Obama. I know that a university in North Carolina sent the virus to Wuhan, China, in 2012. Then, on October 15, 2019, they met in Geneva, Switzerland for Event 201.

This was meant for Hillary Rotten Clinton. They planned to lock us down and implement their tyrannical plan. That is if the civil war had not broken out. That was their plan, but along came Donald Trump.


They had to do a coup d’état against Trump, which started on July 28, 2016. Covid-19 was part of the coup d’état.
The WHO is asking China to do lockdowns and mask up for their pneumonia outbreak. China has been in lockdown for a long time. Their citizen immunity is virgin now. Simple outbreaks of pneumonia result from those lockdowns. The scary part, this is rhyming with November 2019. We all know what happened in 2020: they overthrew the United States. They are trying to do it again, running the same play because it worked last time. This time, We the People have wised up.
2024 will be interesting, for sure. I am sure some states, the Marxist state, will lockdown and mask mandates. The Military is the only way to conduct the 2024 election. Remember, Trump is still the Commander in Chief. Biden is only the President of the Bankrupt Corporate United States of America.

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