America, There Is Something Big Coming! – Ray Dalio – Must Video 

There Is Something Big Coming… america urgent message truth world news current events september 2022 today this week this month Our good friend Ray Dalio warns about something that is coming. Ray Dalio explains how to prepare and what he personally does to take advantage of the times ahead. Ray Dalio goes on to say There’s a choice. And that choice repeats over history. And so you can see what are the indicators of that position and what are the reactions and what are the choices. So the cause effect relationships by and large remain the same through history, but there’s always a reason we’re changing the world order. Okay. Ray Dalio then says In 1945, we started the new world order. What I mean is throughout history, there’s a fight for control, cuz there’s no world court that you go to and plead your case. And so there’s a fight for power. So there’s a war. Ray Dalio believes And then the winners come out of that war and the winners set the rules. And so 1945, the United States had 80% of the world’s money.

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