Alex Jones Returns With Vital Intel As Biden Reinstates COVID-19 Injection Mandate & Pedo-Enabler (Video) 

Alex breaks down how the jury trial for Michigan Governor Whitmer’s kidnapping case- the plot led by FBI informants- has determined no guilty verdicts for defendants who were in fact set up for the crime by the Federal agents.

Also, Alex presents a viral video of Astrophysicist David Friedberg issuing a warning to the world about a coming catastrophic food crisis.

A Project Veritas journalist approached Hillary Clinton during a luncheon this week and asked her about the outlet’s recent legal victory against a Democrat group connected to the former presidential candidate.

Jay Dyer of hosts the final hour of the Alex Jones Show and reveals the scientific elites’ decades old plan to dramatically reduce the world’s population through forced sterilization, poisoning of the food supply, and tainted vaccines.

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