Actor Randy Quaid Says Star Killers aka Contract Killers Exist to Protect Wealthy Celebrity Pedophiles

Randy Quaid wants viewers who watch the Golden Globes tonight to remember that some Hollywood producers use “retired Israeli gov contract killers and spies” to “protect rapists, wealthy pedophiles and property thieves,” according to him.

The Independence Day actor posted three tweets about Sunday’s Globes, attempting to shine a light on the darker side of Hollywood.

“Tonight if you attend or watch the Golden Globes just remember a faction of our industry’s lawyers and producers uses retired Israeli gov contract killers and spies to protect rapists, wealthy pedophiles, and property thieves,” Quaid wrote. “They deliver clueless celebrities to tickle the fancy of their political agenda’s supporters; they use scandalmongers like Michael Wolff to warp truth with plausible falsehoods to attack and discredit their enemy which appears to be America itself.”

He concluded, “Their hatred is implacable. They’re the reason my Golden Globe is locked up in a police evidence room along with my Bible.” popculture.com

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